On-Site Laser Printer Service


Laser Cartridge Services offers on-site repair and maintenance for every model of Hewlett Packard laser printer, color laser printer and multi-function machines as well as most Canon personal copiers and Brother printers and fax machines. When you call us you will speak directly to a service technician who can sometimes solve your problem over the phone.  When an office visit is required we pride ourselves in getting your machines up and running as soon as possible, minimizing productivity loses due to downtime. That means having a large supply of repair parts in stock and the know-how to fix your machine right the first time. 


Your printer's ability to operate properly can be compromised by the build-up of paper dust and toner particles on its delicate internal parts. Bad things happen if that build-up isn't removed regularly. Fans can become clogged, causing your machine to overheat. Rollers and pads can become slippery, leading to frequent paper jams. Cloudy mirrors can cause image defects. Gummed-up contacts can bring printing to a complete standstill. And other parts can simply become damaged beyond repair.

 Why risk a printer breakdown, a repair call and expensive replacement parts? Most printing problems can be prevented by simply having your machines cleaned annually.  In fact, regular professional cleaning can nearly double the life of your printers — and that can save big money in replacement costs.


If you want even more protection try our comprehensive service contract!  After your printer has been thoroughly cleaned and rejuvenated (as mentioned above) we’ll give you a complete one year warranty on all parts and on-site labor needed to keep your machine in top condition. Need a new fuser? We'll replace it free. Got a paper jam? We'll fix it—no charge! Need phone support? It's covered! In fact, we'll take care of any printer malfunction during the one-year period, at no additional cost.